My Mission Works

Russian Mission Work:

My involvement in mission trips to Russia dates back to the early 90's when a number of brethren were going into that country to establish congregations of the Lord's church. The work over all has been immensely successful. The specific work I am involved in is located in Syktyvkar, Russia. Syktyvkar lies to the north of Moscow. The church was established there in 1994, and the school has been in existence since the late 90's. I have had the privileged of making almost two dozen trips to Syktyvkar to teach in the school.

India Mission Work:

My work in India began in 2004. I received an invitation to travel with brother Fred Davis to the state of Kakinada and work with brother Nehemiah Gootam, director of the school since the mid 1960's. Since that initial trip into India,I have made more than a dozen additional trips to teach in the school and help preach and teach in various villages on the Eastern seabord of that country. The responses have been phenominal, and the fields are white unto harvest.
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